CatCam : Microscope Camera

USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 / HDMI / Wi-Fi

CatCam - Microscope Camera


CatCam is a unique device and a trend setter in the field of digital microscopy, which gives you the option to switch over to micro-photography without changing or upgrading your existing microscope. A new generation of value for money digital microscope camera is now a reality! It provides outstanding resolution, high dynamics, offers true colour exceptionally high quality images which are luxuriantly rich in detail. It comes with built-in reduction lens for possible largest field of view.

CatCam is a USB2.0 / USB3.0 plug and play, colour, digital, microscope imaging system. As far as connection is concerned, it’s a child’s play. It interfaces with the USB port of the computer with a single data cable and all the camera operations are 100% controlled by the computer. At the same time it optically interfaces with the ocular-tube (by replacing the eye-piece) or the photo-tube of the microscope.

CatCams are designed for ease of use and are fully compatible with most microscopes and personal computers running current operating systems. It works with any kind of microscope (upright, stereo, & inverted), be it basic monocular, research binocular or trinocular microscope, producing excellent clarity images with very good contrast and color. It comes equipped with two adapters of 30mm & 30.5mm.

Be it still or video images, CatCam delivers perfect images at the touch of a button, making it a point and shoot device. Ease of operation, high resolution and excellent colour reproduction coupled with advanced analysis software are the distinguishing features of CatCam.

For the image acquisition, resolution is freely selectable – from low to high. The high-definition CatCam microscope camera is the perfect choice for top-of-the-line microscopy image documentation. With a high-speed live image display at up to 30 frames per second, coupled with full function control and capture software, the CatCam is well-suited for a variety of imaging applications.

CatCam is available in different resolutions, from 0.35 to 18.0 mega pixels.

Installation is as easy as removing one of the eyepieces from your microscope (Some microscope models have a tiny screw on the eyepiece that must be loosened before you can pull it out) and replacing it with the camera, as the relay lens is built into the camera. For trinocular microscopes a simple phototube adapter may be required if your phototube is not a standard eyepiece size. We can fabricate custom adaptors, at reasonable prices. Please contact us for custom adaptors. Connect the camera to a USB 2.0 port on your computer.

CatCam consists of following range of microscope cameras:
1. CatCam E-Series USB Cameras
2. CatCam E-Series Wi-Fi Cameras
3. CatCam E-Series HD Cameras

CatCam range of cameras are compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Windows OS.

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