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Serological Pipette Controller For Your Laboratory

Serological pipetting like you’re used to…
Plus Aliquot like never before.
Repeat pipetting with your serological pipet!

Faster aliquoting with less fatigue

What sets ali-Q™ apart from every other standard pipet controller is its revolutionary aliquoting technology.

1. Simply turn the aliquot volume set dial to the volume you wish to repetitively dispense. The ali-Q can be set to accurately dispense aliquots from 0.5 mL to 5.0 mL using the aliquot volume set dial.
2. Then, aspirate as much volume as you will need to dispense the full number of aliquots. (Ex: You need to dispense 10 x 1 mL aliquots, then aspirate at least 10 mL)
The number of aliquots that ali-Q can dispense in one cycle is only limited by the volume capacity of the serological pipet used!
3. Finally, press and hold the purple aliquot button to dispense each aliquot.
Eliminate time-consuming and inconsistent meniscus eyeballing. Let ali-Q‘s state of the art intelligent measuring system do all the work to save you time and effort with accuracy and precision. Increase your productivity!
ali-Q can also be used the same way as any other standard pipet controller!

ali-Q‘s State of the Art Smart & Intelligent Measuring Technology

Effect of varying temperature, humidity and pressure on the performance of ali-Q

Whether you are on a mountain top, desert plains or a tropical island, the ali-Q‘s state of the art smart measuring technology will compensate and correct for extreme environmental conditions!
Thanks to the numerous high resolution sensors, gauges and valves in ali-Q‘s intelligent measuring system, ali-Q can automatically make adjustments to dispensed aliquot volumes in real-time to compensate for varying environmental conditions!
No need for in- lab calibration adjustments or correction factors!

Effect of varying dispense angles on the performance of ali-Q

Whether you’re working in a hood, or on an open bench top, you can be confident in the accuracy and precision performance. The ali-Q has an internal accelerometer that makes automatic real-time adjustments to aliquot dispensing at varying angles.
No need for awkward and uncomfortable body positioning and contortion to maintain a 90 degree dispense angle!

ali-Q is sensitive to movement and vibrations

Even the slightest action can cause it to ‘wake-up’ from sleep mode.
The ali-Q automatically puts itself into sleep mode after being motionless and unused for 30 seconds. The internal sensors in the ali-Q will automatically wake it from sleep mode when it is picked up or moved. These sensors are very sensitive to movement, so even vibration from dropping a book on the desk or somebody bumping into the desk can cause it to wake up. When it wakes up, you will hear the motor activate for 1-2 secs while ali-Q gathers information on its environment.

Ovation ali-Q

» Sensitive touch-control aspirate and dispense buttons

» Separate (textured) aliquoting button

» Aliquoting volume setting dial

» Aliquot any volume from 0.5 to 5.0 mL

» Compatible with all brands and sizes of serological pipets; optimal performance when using Wobble-not pipets

» Ergonomic shape design for optimal grip comfort

» Self-standing, like all Ovation pipettes

» Can rest horizontally with pipet inserted

» 0.45 μm replaceable nozzle filter (2 included)

» Rechargeable lithium ion battery (USB charger included)

» Wall mount included

» Individually serialized

» Calibration certificate included



» Highly accurate and precise aliquoting without the need to “eyeball” the meniscus
» Push one button to aliquot
» Aliquot any volume from 0.5 to 5.0 mL
» Compatible with all brands and sizes of serological pipets; optimal performance when using Wobble-not pipets
» Intelligent measuring system = real-time corrections for varying environmental conditions- No adjustment necessary!
» Accuracy and precision maintained at any dispense angle for more comfortable body positions, especially beneficial in the hood
» Ergonomic shape design for optimal grip comfort
» Self-standing, like all Ovation pipettes!

Check the Video of ali-Q Serological Pipette Controller


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