CatCam E-Series CCD Cooled

USB 3.0 Microscope Camera

CatCam E-Series CCD Cooled USB 3.0

CatCam E-Series Temperature regulated USB3.0 CCD microscope camera models, come equipped with professional image analysis & processing software, allowing complete camera control and advanced image acquisition and analysis. It has fully-coated optics with MTF (modulation transfer function) analysis for improved image flatness and contrast. The HAD CCD sensor drastically improves light efficiency by including near infrared light region as a basic structure of HAD (Hole-Accumulation-Diode). USB 3.0 plug-and-play interface eliminates the need for frame grabbers or any other additional cards to be installed and allows fast video.

These models can be widely used in low light environment and fluorescence application image capture and anaysis.


Hadware Features

» Two-stage TE-cooling with controllable electric fan
» Working temperature can be regulated to specified temperature
» Smart structure to assure the heat radiation efficiency and avoid the moisture problem
» Up to 45 degrees temperature drop ensures high quality image with low noise
» Up to 1 hour long time exposure
» USB3.0 5Gbit/second interface ensuring high speed data transmission
» Perfect color reproduction capability
» Five different resolutions between 1.4MP to 12MP
» Separate models available for Monochrome & Colour


Image Acquisition

Shows live video on the computer screen. You can capture still images using this live preview that makes it possible to precisely focus your image and change image parameters in order to have a perfect final result. The image can be saved separately in BMP, JPG, TIFF, etc. formats. It is also possible to import saved images from other sources. You can also capture video images, which can be saved in WMV/ASF or AVI format.


Interactive Measurement and annotation

Measurements can be made in any unit you like, using simple calibration and measurement tool. Software elements offer all necessary measurement parameters, such as length, area, angle profile etc. Measurements can be made by drawing the objects directly on the image. All output results can be exported to excel spreadsheet. Annotations (arrow, text, etc.) attached to the image can be saved together.


Software Features

» Exposure, Gain, White Balance & Colour adjustment
» Advanced image processing
» Real time video preview
» Frame rate control
» Image Stitching
» Automatic/Manual Contrast/Brightness/Gamma
» Image stacking
» Read-out of regions of interest (ROI) on the sensor to define important image sections
» Export measurement data to excel for analysis
» Extended Depth of Focus
» Micrometry



One-year warranty
Free life-time web support for the software


Package Content

CatCam E-Series : Microscope camera
Power adaptor : Input - AC 100~240V 50Hz/60Hz, Output - DC 5V 4.5A
USB 3.0 cable
30mm and 30.5mm adapters
CD containing Driver & softwares
Installation Manual

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Product Cat.No. Product Model No. Product Description Microscopy Application Technical Specification
CC140DECatCam140DE1.4MP Microscope CameraBright Field
Dark Field
Phase Contrast
CC280DECatCam280DE2.8MP Microscope CameraBright Field
Dark Field
Phase Contrast
CC600DECatCam600DE6.0MP Microscope CameraBright Field
Dark Field
Phase Contrast
CC900DECatCam900DE9.0MP Microscope CameraBright Field
Dark Field
Phase Contrast
CC1200DECatCam1200DE12.0MP Microscope CameraBright Field
Dark Field
Phase Contrast
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Download Brochure

CatCam E-Series USB3.0

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