Microscope Slide Scanner

Features of OCUS

WSI Scanner cum Microscope

The Grundium Ocus is the optimal tool for Whole Slide Imaging, which means converting traditional glass slides into digital files, thus, enabling pathologists to access slides remotely and view them in real time. The digital slide can be viewed in live view mode, which means there's no need for pre-scanning the slide, but the pathologist can view the slide and control the operation of the Ocus from a distant location.

Apochromatic System

The Grundium Ocus is a combination of the optimal magnification and optimal numerical aperture, excellent for digital pathology. The 20x apochromatic objective produces sharp, high depth of field images, which are ideal especially for histopathology.

High Resolution Camera

Dual Camera:
1. 6MP Sensor for Overview.
2. 12MP Sensor for Scanning

In-Built Computer

The Grundium Ocus comes with a powerful embedded Nvidia CPU/GPU computer which also acts as a web server, pre-installed with scanning and viewing software and all processing takes place inside the scanner. The scanned images are stored in the internal 500 Gb memory. As it operates from internet browser there's no need for specific computer or any need to install additional software application.


The Ocus has Multiple connectivity options for local and remote usage. Independent 801.11ac Wi-Fi or 1GigE Ethernet support enables direct internet connection, cloud support and remote access. The scanner can be used off-line as well.

Export to USB Drive

The images scanned by Ocus are saved in its internal storages, which if required can be exported to Cloud or USB drive. Ocus is equipped with an USB port. The images are exported in 'TIFF' or 'SVS' format.

Wireless Access

An Ocus scanner connects wirelessly with a web application running on the web browser on any PC, Mac, Android tablet / phone, iphone or an iPad. The web application communicates with the Ocus scanner through an API (Application Programming Interface).

Compact & Light Weight

The Grundium Ocus weighs only 3.5 kgs. and can easily be packed in a bag and brought to wherever it is needed. It makes sharing the device between colleagues easy. The Ocus fits comfortably in carry-on luggage and travels conveniently to even remote locations with no medical facilities.


The Grundium Ocus is a portable scanner, which travels anywhere in its own case small enough for aircraft cabins and with a powerbank it can be used even where there are no wall sockets. The Ocus doesn't require a perfectly level desk to stand on. It isn't sensitive to vibration and can even scan in a moving vehicle.

Technical Specifications

Optical SystemApochromatic System
Slide Capacity 01 Slide of 1" x 3"
Objective / resolutionApochromatic 20x : 0.48um /pix 1x overview: 10um /pix
Numerical Apperture0.4
Depth of Focus5um
Scan speed, 15x15mm~1 min
Image sensor12MP & 6MP
StageMotorized, automatic
FocusingCompletely Automatatic
Scan area selectionAutomatic / Freely selectable
IlluminationKoehler LED
ComputerEmbedded Nvidia visual computer
Connectivity1GigE, 802.11ac WLAN
Memory500GB internal and USB memory support
Image formatsTIFF, JPEG, SVS
User interfaceMajor web browsers. Touch screen support
Image viewerIncluded + major 3rd party viewers supported
W x D x H (cm)18 x 18 x 19
Weight (kg)3.5 Kgs

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