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Electronic Single Channel Macro Pipette (Advance Model) For Your Laboratory

Electronic Single Channel Macro Pipette - Advance Model

Ergonomically Correct Pipetting = Less Effort, More Comfort!!

Large volume pipetting causes considerable ergonomic and safety challenges from the unwieldy length and glass composition of typically used devices. In addition to especially high arm and hand elevations, their elongated shape requires even greater contortions during use in a hood.

The innovative light weight design of macro Ovation pipettes allow a relaxed grip and comfortable posture while pipetting volumes up to 10mL. The macro 5mL and 10mL Ovation pipettes are fully electronic, making repetitive pipetting effortless, even over prolonged periods and provides a broad menu of liquid handling functions for rapid, precise and accurate dispensing, up to 50 times from a single aspiration. Volumes, speeds and repetition settings are easy to setup, store and instantly recall for pipetting, mixing, serial diluting or repeat dispensing.

Ovation 5mL and 10mL tips offer easy access into tubes, bottles and cell culture flasks. When extra length is needed to reach the bottom of tall vessels, both Ovation pipette models can accommodate the use of glass or plastic serological pipets with the help of available adapter.

Like all Ovation pipettes, on-board calibration software allows different calibration factors to be entered for more accurate and precise pipetting of fluids with varying properties such as viscosity or density.

These models require a power supply unit to recharge the pipette's battery.


Technical Specifications

Catalog No. Color Volume Range Dispensing
Accuracy Precision View
1065-05ml100 - 5000µl10µl±0.6% at 5000µl
±0.6% at 2500µl
±2.4% at 500µl
0.3% at 20µl
0.20% at 2500µl
0.60% at 500µl
1065-10ml0.2-10ml10µl±0.6% at 10ml
±1.0% at 5ml
±2.4% at 1ml
0.16% at 10ml
0.20% at 5ml
0.30% at 1ml
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