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Autoclavable Mechanical Pipette - Ovation M

The Ovation family has grown, with addition of a new line of manual pipettes that combine the revolutionary ergonomic performance of its popular Ovation design, with a conventional analog volume setting capability.

The Ovation M’s contoured shape and adjustable hook means a custom fit for every user in the laboratory. The unique design promotes ergonomically-correct posture during pipetting, such as neutral forearm and wrist positions, which allow muscle groups to function freely without restriction or stress. Significantly lower pipetting forces are also achieved with Ovation’s patented tip acquisition and discard system, and low force plunger.

Each pipette is factory calibrated for accurate volume delivery and can be easily adjusted as needed to achieve accurate performance on dense or viscous liquids.

Six color-coded models are available for precise liquid dispensing from 0.2µL to 1000µl.

Technical Specifications

Catalog No. Color Volume Range Dispensing Increment Accuracy Precision View
1070-0002 0.2 - 2µl 0.002µl ±1.5% at 2µl
±2.7% at 1µl
±9.0% at 0.2µl
0.9% at 2µl
1.8% at 1µl
7.6% at 0.2µl
1070-0010 1 - 10µl 0.01µl ±1.0% at 10µl
±1.5% at 5µl
±2.5% at 1µl
0.4% at 10µl
0.6% at 5µl
1.2% at 1µl
1070-0020 2 - 20µl 0.02µl ±1.0% at 20µl
±1.5% at 10µl
±7.0% at 2µl
0.3% at 20µl
0.5% at 10µl
2.0% at 2µl
1070-0100 10 - 100µl 0.1µl ±0.8% at 100µl
±0.8% at 50µl
±3.5% at 10µl
0.15% at 100µl
0.24% at 50µl
1.0% at 10µl
1070-0200 20-200µl 0.2µl ±0.8% at 200µl
±0.8% at 100µl
±2.5% at 20µl
0.15% at 200µl
0.25% at 100µl
1.0% at 20µl
1070-1000 100-1000µl 1.0µl ±0.8% at 1000µl
±0.8% at 500µl
±3.0% at 100µl
0.15% at 1000µl
0.20% at 500µl
0.60% at 100µl

Ovation M Pipettes can be autoclaved by placing it in the autoclave at 121 ̊C for 15 minutes, followed by a 15 minute drying cycle. Allow the pipette to cool to room temperature for at least 2 hours before use. Calibration should be verified after each autoclave treatment.

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