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1. Ovation has the Ergonomics right.

The U.S. National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) conducted a comparative study of Ovation to traditional (axial-style) pipettes and concluded that Ovation "showed a significant reduction in the most important MSD (muskuloskeletal disorder) risk factors of pipetting". No other "ergonomic" pipette has a third party study with such authority.
2. There's a full suite of models.

Sometimes you have to make hard choices in life. This isn't one of them because there's an Ovation model for every need and situation. Electronic, multichannel, macro volume models cover liquid handling from 0.2µl to 10ml.

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3. One size fits all.

Ovation pipettes naturally follows the contours of the hand, so it just "fits" lika a glove. The adjustable hook provides a stable, custom feel for both right and left-handed users.
4. Amazing comfort.

Ovation's unique ergonomic design means hours of continous pipetting can be accomplished in complete comfort. It fits your hand like a glove, and keeps your arm and wrist in a natural, stress-free posture close to the work surface. An independent study at Duke University found "overwhelming preference" for the comfort of the Ovation, and a "strong preference" for using it throughout the day.
5. Digital accuracy.

Ovation puts pipetting accuracy & precision in the palm of your hand. A large LCD display and motor-driven volume adjustments ensure the exact settings your work requires. Frequently used volumes can be pre-set for fast recall at the press of a single button. And the Ovation boasts specifications that most like are equal to or better than the pipette you rae using today.
6. Easy-to-use.

Beneath Ovation's sculpted exterior, rugged components and ultra-precise motor drive ensure reliable performance without compromise. These pipettes are designed to be robust, yet simple to understand - so you spend less time learning the features and more time putting them into use.
Ovation allows you to work without the distraction of the cumbersome layers of software and programming. It's simple menu, volume pre-sets and navigation keypad makes selecting functions and volumes a snap.
7. Forces so low, they are almost unmeasurable.

Ovation lessens all pipetting forces - holding the pipette, applying and discarding the tips, aspirating and dispensing, and changing volumes and functions. Other "ergonomic" pipettes only reduce thumb forces.
8. Flawless tipping and detipping.

A gentle push is all that's needed to acquire tips, even on multichannel models, and an audible "click" confirm they're all securely seated. You'll never worry about tips falling off again! And touching a button immediately ejects all tips.
9. One way disposable nozzle.

Every pipette is protected from contamination because Ovation's special filtered nozzle(s) prevent liquid from entering its interior structure. This protects the pipette, you, and your samples from contamination. The filter also eliminates the largest source of pipette failure which is sample attacking seals inside the pipette.
10. Perfected tip offering.

Whether the requirement of your application require tips that are sterile, RNase/DNase certified, pyrogen-free, trace metal certified or filtered, there's is a genuine Ovation tip to meet your needs. And all Ovation tips provide a perfect fit EVERY TIME for exceptional pipetting performance.
11. Ovation can use your tips (usually).

While Ovation tips offer a perfect fit in all situation, a wide range of other tips brand also fit on Ovation pipette - offering additional flexibility for consumables purchasing. We want you to use our tips, but don't lock you in.
12. Volume Pre-sets make volume surfing a breeze.

Frequently-used volumes can be easily saved and recalled by pressing a single button. Like channel surfing, its easy to jump from one settin to another throughout the pipette's volume range.
13. In-Lab Calibration made simple.

Adjustments are easy - without tools! And returning to the factory calibration setting or other desired settings is at the touch of a button.
14. You can perform multiple functions.

Advance models have a broad set of liquid handling functions to help you speed through your workload. Ovation maximizes efficiency for all tasks including multiple dispensing, pipetting, reverse pipetting, mixing, serial dilutions and automatic sequential dispensing.
15. Viscosity is not a problem.

Adjustments are easy when compensation is needed for environmental conditions or different liquid types. And returning to previous setting is only a button push away.
16. It's always ready to work without recharging.

There is no need to fumble with recharging stands because the Ovation's disposable battery lasts for at least twelve months of typical use (basic model). Advance models operate for hundred of pipetting cycle on a full charge and can continue being used when a recharging is needed by simply connecting a power adapter cord. Full charging often takes less than an hour.
17. No lying down on the job.

Ovation is the only pipette that stands on its own, making it easy and convenient to pick up. And if you need to set the pipette down during a procedure, tips never touch the table, so there is no risk of the cross-contamination from the lab table or hood.
18. They're easy to recognize.

Its always easy to find Ovations in the lab. The unique design and cheerful colors are hard to miss - and allow easy recognition of volume ranges.
19. Minimal maintenance requirements.

Apart from an occassional wipedown with water, isopropanol or a 10% bleach solution, there isn't much to maintaining an Ovation pipette. Maybe a change of batteries once in twelve months, or a nozzle filter now and then, but then even that's at a stretch.
20. Opening PCR tubes or Microtubes is a snap.

The ovation cap openeraccessory provides an easy-to-usesolution for opening tubes while pipetting.
21. More for your Money.

Ovation pipettes are packed with features that make pipetting easy and comfortable - yet they are competitively priced with other single and multichannel pipettes.
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