A Standing Ovation

For Your Laboratory

The advance model Electronic Single Channel Ovation Pipettes are the ideal choice for anyone needing a broad menu of automated liquid handling functions. An easy-to-read display and simple-to-operate keypad allows fast recall and setup of user-defined pipetting protocols and selection of operating modes, volumes and speeds.

A highly-precise motor drive makes repetitive pipetting effortless, and reliably delivers the performance your applications require with uncompromised confidence.

Fully electronic operations maximizes pipetting efficiency for tasks like multiple dispensing, pipetting, reverse pipetting, mixing, serial dilutions and automatic sequential dispensing.

These models require power supply unit to recharge the pipette's battery. Right and left-handed color-coded models with wide volume ranges are available to cover liquid dispensing needs from 0.5µl to 1250µl.

Technical Specifications

Catalog No. Color Volume Range Dispensing Increment Accuracy Precision View
1065-0020 0.5 - 20µl 0.05µl ±1.0% at 20µl
±1.57% at 10µl
±3.0% at 2µl
0.3% at 20µl
0.5% at 10µl
1.8% at 2µl
1065-0125 2 - 125 µl 0.5µl ±0.8% at 125µl
±0.8% at 62.5µl
±2.9% at 12.5µl
0.15% at 125 µl
0.24% at 62.5µl
1.00% at 12.5µl
1065-0250 5 - 250µl 1µl ±0.8% at 250µl
±0.8% at 125µl
±2.5% at 25µl
0.15% at 250µl
0.25% at 125µl
1.00% at 25µl
1065-1250 25 - 1250µl 5µl ±0.75% at 1250µl
±0.8% at 625 µl
±2.8% at 125µl
0.15% at 1250µl
0.20% at 625 µl
0.60% at 125µl

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