A Standing Ovation

For Your Laboratory

The Ovation, basic model pipettes takes the place of five regular pipettes. That's because five of your laboratory's most frequently-used aspirating and dispensing volumes can be easily stored and recalled for use by pressing a single button. And you won't have to fumble with knobs or in-between settings - the pipette's motor does it for you. Other volume settings can also be selected at precise increments throughout the pipette's volume range.

A low-force, form-fitting plunger controls aspiration and dispensing speeds with minimal effort. This is specially important for samples containing cells with fragile membranes that can be easily disrupted, or fluids that tend to bubble. Simple in-lab calibration is possible - without any tools.

The basic models are available in six models to cover 0.2µl - 1000µl.

Technical Specifications

Catalog No. Color Volume Range Dispensing Increment Accuracy Precision View
1057-0002 0.2 - 2µl 0.002µl ±1.5% at 2µl
±2.7% at 1µl
±9.0% at 0.2µl
0.9% at 2µl
1.8% at 1µl
7.6% at 0.2µl
1057-0010 1 - 10µl 0.01µl ±1.0% at 10µl
±1.5% at 5µl
±2.5% at 1µl
0.4% at 10µl
0.6% at 5µl
1.2% at 1µl
1057-0020 2 - 20µl 0.02µl ±1.0% at 20µl
±1.5% at 10µl
±7.0% at 2µl
0.3% at 20µl
0.5% at 10µl
2.0% at 2µl
1057-0100 10 - 100µl 0.1µl ±0.8% at 100µl
±0.8% at 50µl
±3.5% at 10µl
0.15% at 100µl
0.24% at 50µl
1.0% at 10µl
1057-0200 20-200µl 0.2µl ±0.8% at 200µl
±0.8% at 100µl
±2.5% at 20µl
0.15% at 200µl
0.25% at 100µl
1.0% at 20µl
1057-1000 100-1000µl 1.0µl ±0.8% at 1000µl
±0.8% at 500µl
±3.0% at 100µl
0.15% at 1000µl
0.20% at 500µl
0.60% at 100µl

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